Hi! I’m Cate.

I’m a data analyst and storyteller based in Madrid, Spain. I moved here in late 2020 (yes, in the middle of the pandemic) from Manila, Philippines to fulfill my need for lateral growth. I would have wanted better timing, but better timing didn’t want me.

As the former Media Solutions Lead for Cross Pacific Global, I’ve worked with various kinds of data to analyze lead quality, create customer segmentations and optimized targeting, as well as perform topic and sentiment analysis to improve performance marketing strategies.

As a writer, I have a bestselling book. I was also a columnist and Managing Editor for The Philippine Star’s pop culture section, SUPREME. My work has appeared in other major broadsheets such as the Manila Bulletin and the Philippine Daily Inquirer, leading magazines such as Cosmopolitan Philippines, Meg Magazine, and Metro Society Magazine, as well as online platforms, Rappler and Cosmo.ph.

I have four years of experience working in social media as the community manager for Yahoo! Philippines, for which I regularly coordinated with the Yahoo! Asia HQ in Singapore. I have worked both remotely and in person with clients and colleagues in Argentina, the US, and now Spain.

In my free time, I explore—whether that’s wandering into a part of my neighborhood that I haven’t seen, hopping on a plane to another country, looking for my next non-fiction book, or a cafe to add to my list of great cappuccino places. It’s all the same to me.

You can reach me at catgdeleon@gmail.com


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