Hi! I’m Cate, a data analyst and major daily columnist from Manila, Philippines. 



Contact: catgdeleon@ gmail.com

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  1. im 18 and i’ll sound pretentious… but i was lost and i still am; however, i am lost with awareness after reading your stories and while i am still restricted by my limited reality, i am dependent on your adventures. – a fan


    • Oh, I was lost at 18 too, haha. I think you’ll always be lost to a degree. You just learn to have fun with it. I’ve come to think of it as a good thing, because it gives you all this space to try and learn new things; see who else you can become; see what you can let go of even when it scares you. All this in contrast to already “knowing” what your life is.

      “Lost with awareness” is a very good way to put it, actually 🙂

      Thanks for reaching out! I had no idea my random existence was affecting anyone. I wish you your own adventures soon 🙂

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