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I Am Jake

I co-wrote Filipino singer, Jake Zyrus’ autobiography, entitled I Am Jake. Formerly Charice Pempengco, she was poised to be the next big global pop star, with the most powerful names in entertainment staunchly behind her. But the singer bravely turned her back on fame for a bigger dream–to be himself in a world that tried its best to erase him from his own story. From his turbulent childhood to the dizzying heights of Hollywood, and the fall from grace to his rebirth, I Am Jake delves into it all and inspires with Jake’s story of becoming.

The book made National Bookstore’s October and November bestsellers list (#8) for Philippine non-fiction publications. It was also #6 on Inquirer’s Top 10 Books of 2018.

Latest Stories

Bucket list trip: Turkey

If you had told me I’d be getting on a hot air balloon over the golden fairy chimneys of Cappadocia this year, I wouldn’t have believed you. Turkey was a dream, and dreams have a way of seeming far away, belonging to the distant future; to more prominent travel writers, perhaps. But sometime in September, … Continue reading Bucket list trip: Turkey

Let your freak flag fly

The subjects in this story will be referred to by their stage names. In BDSM, it is actually the submissive — not the dominant — who holds the power,” a worldly friend informed my innocence many years ago. “It’s the submissive who determines how far you can go, how much he/she is willing to take, … Continue reading Let your freak flag fly

Why I run

“I hate cardio,” I used to always say whenever someone asked me about working out. After trying various forms of exercise, I had figured out that yoga was my favorite and started doing only that. The challenging power and vinyasa classes I took burned fat, toned muscle, stretched me out, and improved my kinesthetic awareness … Continue reading Why I run

Journey to the North

I opened my eyes at about 2 a.m. I had hopped on a 10-hour bus ride to Laoag, Ilocos Norte at the invitation of their provincial government’s media office earlier that evening. We seemed to have arrived at one of the pit stops. The painted lettering on one of the benches told me we had … Continue reading Journey to the North

Asian sex spots, reviewed

Travel articles usually talk about socially acceptable destinations like temples, museums and sights. But since I write this for Supreme, I offer two NSFW suggestions for your next journey — a famous seven-floor sex shop in Tokyo and watching a ping-pong show in Bangkok. Both were recommended with such hype, but only one of them was actually … Continue reading Asian sex spots, reviewed

Drowning the noise

Anyone who’s been to Japan has raved about the Japanese’s impeccable manners and how they see every detail through in the things they do — from presentation and art down to substance and function. And while these are qualities I appreciate very much, sometimes through all their perfection, I find myself wishing I knew exactly … Continue reading Drowning the noise


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